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Thank you for visiting my simulation download page. In my music life, I am known as rundio, but in "real life" I am Louis Sinclair, a software devleoper in the field of audio by profession and simulation tools and flight simulation modeling and scenery development by passion.

My "FS Design Studio" modeling software (for Microsoft Flight Simulator), and my "Train Sim Modeler" (for Microsoft Train Simulator) applications give developers the ability to develop operation models (aircraft and trains) as well as models for scenery development.

I have evolved into a user of my scenery development tools and have made "FS Design Studio" compatible with the X-Plane flight simulator since that is now my flight simuator of choice.

X-Plane Development

My current project is the creation of a highly detailed model of Crystal Airport (KMIC) in Crystal, Minnesota. This airport is one of the reliever airports for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport (KMSP) and is home to roughly 200 aircraft. This airport is where I took flight lessons almost 20 years ago. I modeled the "Flying Scotchman" FBO buildings for Microsoft Flight Simulator during that time to make my home flight practice more fun, and it is my home base for flying in X-Plane. It has evolved into a highly detailed photo realistic scenery package that will be released commercially this summer. Click to see Screenshot Previews of the project. Click below to download.

Train Sim Modeler

I am the author of "Train Sim Modeler" written for creating models for use in Microsoft's "Train Simulator" program. Although Microsoft no longer supports "Train Simulator", the open source "Open Rails" uses the same file formats as "Train Simulator."

"Train Sim Modeler" is no longer sold by Abacus, but as there is still interest it is offered here at no charge.

Please do not distribute this installer, but you are welcome to share the link to this page with others with an interest.

If you are interested in my music, please click the link at the top of this page.

Click here to download "Train Sim Modeler"

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